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About Niexeefamily

From the brilliant imagination of talented digital artist Kelly Huang, Niexeefamily is a family of cartoon characters. Comprised of Ava, Burnie, and Cooper, Niexeefamily comes from different parts of the world and resides in New York. The three fun, loving characters parallel to today’s younger generations in the big apple: modern, open-minded, and always on the move. Recently, the characters have been fascinated with Chinese literacy, specifically learning about the Zhou and Qin dynasties. The Niexeefamily strives for cultural development and represents the younger generations that are interested in cultures around the world. With brilliant colors, and unique shapes, the three characters represent diversity, and in the bigger image, the melting-pot New York City is. Make sure to stick around to follow the adventures of the Niexeefamily, as they have a story to tell.

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